A Lifetime of Roofing

I began roofing in 1981 at the age of 19 and realized rather quickly that it was cool and interesting because it felt like artwork, the way you mold the materials and create something out of raw material. 35 years later, I still feel like I can express myself with my custom details in roofing. I have told many apprentices that roofing is the simplest of all skilled trades, sort of like roofing is third grade math, 1+2=3, and carpentry is algebra. Two traits of a good roofer are basic common sense and artistic ability. I have roofed for many successful roofing contractors and I must say it was a rewarding and a great experience to watch and learn from so many impressive businessmen. I began as a kettleman at Phoenix Simpton Construction Company in San Francisco, then the most prestigious roofing company in SF, Acme Roofing. I moved to New Jersey and worked for Continental Roof Systems, Hackensack Roofing, Macko Roofing, Barrett Roof Systems and back to the west coast where I worked for Alta Roofing, Golden Gate Roofing, Interstate Roofing, Von Almen Construction, became a roofing contractor myself opening The Roof Repair Company in beautiful Half Moon Bay California on the coast and was very successful for over 15 years, got divorced and moved back to New Jersey and since have worked for Certified Roofing, Pfister Roofing, Mullen Roofing and Real Roofers. It’s been a lifetime of roofing and a lot of fun, a lot of stories and a lot of great experiences. I’ll go over stories, roof systems, and specific people I have been lucky to experience in future blogs. Thanks for checking it out, Jeff the roofer.

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