A Strong Relationship

A strong relationship is more like two imperfect people striving to make something perfect by building a foundation together that will not fail. We all have to be groomed, nurtured, and broken in ways that has seems to be unbearable in order for our own character to be built. No, everything is not going to be what you want it to be. There has to be some comprise between both parties in order for the relationship to be strong. One has to be willing to let the other person lead especially if your a stronger in that area. I mean its like you may not be any good at a budget yet your partner is a math wiz. Of course, he would be the one handling all of the financial dealings. When the relationship is not balanced one person may feel that he or she is not appreciated.  A  strong relationship allows both parties to feel valuable by showing mutual trust and respect for each other.  Keep in mind that there is no perfect man or woman, when you do this then you will be open enough to try to understand others. You have to be willing to show a great deal of patience for the other person. If you allow trust and patience to be the groundwork for the relationship then the foundation is sturdy.  Lies crack the structure of the foundation and break the trust in any strong relationship. We cannot value a relationship that we do not trust. Nor can we trust a relationship that we cannot value. A strong relationship does not count wrongs however, forgiveness allows the person room to make mistakes. You need to keep in mind that people cannot read minds.  download (28)

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