A Strong Relationship

A strong relationship is more like two imperfect people striving to make something perfect by building a foundation together that will not fail. We all have to be groomed, nurtured, and broken in ways that has seems to be unbearable in order for our own character to be built. No, everything is not going to be what you want it to be. There has to be some comprise between both parties in order for the relationship to be strong. One has to be willing to let the other person lead especially if your a stronger in that area. I mean its like you may not be any good at a budget yet your partner is a math wiz. Of course, he would be the one handling all of the financial dealings. When the relationship is not balanced one person may feel that he or she is not appreciated.  A  strong relationship allows both parties to feel valuable by showing mutual trust and respect for each other.  Keep in mind that there is no perfect man or woman, when you do this then you will be open enough to try to understand others. You have to be willing to show a great deal of patience for the other person. If you allow trust and patience to be the groundwork for the relationship then the foundation is sturdy.  Lies crack the structure of the foundation and break the trust in any strong relationship. We cannot value a relationship that we do not trust. Nor can we trust a relationship that we cannot value. A strong relationship does not count wrongs however, forgiveness allows the person room to make mistakes. You need to keep in mind that people cannot read minds.  download (28)

A Lifetime of Roofing

I began roofing in 1981 at the age of 19 and realized rather quickly that it was cool and interesting because it felt like artwork, the way you mold the materials and create something out of raw material. 35 years later, I still feel like I can express myself with my custom details in roofing. I have told many apprentices that roofing is the simplest of all skilled trades, sort of like roofing is third grade math, 1+2=3, and carpentry is algebra. Two traits of a good roofer are basic common sense and artistic ability. I have roofed for many successful roofing contractors and I must say it was a rewarding and a great experience to watch and learn from so many impressive businessmen. I began as a kettleman at Phoenix Simpton Construction Company in San Francisco, then the most prestigious roofing company in SF, Acme Roofing. I moved to New Jersey and worked for Continental Roof Systems, Hackensack Roofing, Macko Roofing, Barrett Roof Systems and back to the west coast where I worked for Alta Roofing, Golden Gate Roofing, Interstate Roofing, Von Almen Construction, became a roofing contractor myself opening The Roof Repair Company in beautiful Half Moon Bay California on the coast and was very successful for over 15 years, got divorced and moved back to New Jersey and since have worked for Certified Roofing, Pfister Roofing, Mullen Roofing and Real Roofers. It’s been a lifetime of roofing and a lot of fun, a lot of stories and a lot of great experiences. I’ll go over stories, roof systems, and specific people I have been lucky to experience in future blogs. Thanks for checking it out, Jeff the roofer.

Roofers : Write: Blue Collar Philosophy

After the interview….The following is a blog presented by our new writer/ roofer Journalist.  Matt will be helping me write the book “Real Roofer” and blogging daily on a variety of sites. A message to Matt  “There is gold in them there words”

Please enjoy the writing of Matt Stafford as he describes my interview style while applying for a roofers position.

Sitting down for what seemed like my thousandth interview in the last two years, I

felt the same subdued nervousness that I felt for my first. Fear of the unknown was

palpable, but also present was an eagerness to accept and overcome a new challenge, to

keep advancing toward the apogee of my professional life. I thought myself well prepared

for what should have been a boilerplate job interview: overview of resume, career goals,

how much higher is the wage you expect compared to the wage we offer – standard stuff.

All of that changed before I could even remove my jacket.

Roofer Hot seat

A candidate must have a seat. Roofer please sit down tell me your story

Initially, it felt like an abecedarian therapy session – and initially I considered

leaving. But what I discovered, in the midst of this impromptu life discussion, was that the

deeper you go, the more comfortable you get. It may seem obvious to most, but the Curative

Conversation really brings everything to the surface, and the things you take for granted

about yourself become revelatory. As talk of work history and qualifications gave way to

musings on ancient history, good books, past regrets, present shortcomings, and future

concerns, it became evident to me that the roof repair position I was interviewing for was

turning into a conduit toward a more fulfilling career path, one that would harness my

innate talents and put them to better use than they would ever be standing on a roof.

This is the first post of what I hope to be a very engaging new blog, and it is fully

inspired by my dialogue with the leader of Real Roofers (who interviewed me for the

position, of course!) He noticed in me the intriguing combination of pragmatic wisdom, blue

collar spirit, sense of wonder, and humble confidence that clearly defines the mission of his

company. This unique amalgam has contributed to the growth of an organization that is

poised for great success by keeping a steady finger on the pulse of both professional and

personal cultural trends, which allows for strong roots as well as easy and effective


I’m excited to be a part of his venture, through this blog: real world news and

opinions regarding our trade, coupled with bits of practical ponderings that you aren’t likely

to find in a blog about industry. We want everyone to be represented and engaged, so that

we can learn a lot of new things about each other and the rest of the world. Thoughts on

work, and works of thought – blue collar philosophy to the core.

Roofing with a Fiddler

At the end of my work day I was amazed at how this fish ended up out of water. My name is Alyssa. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English. I know nothing about roofing and siding except the roof I live under and the sides that keep it up. How did I end up working for businessman extraordinaire and roofing/siding expert Mark Nejmeh? He’s a a boiling melting pot of ideas who operates out of offices in Neptune and Jersey City, NJ. 

Roofing Industry Seeks Fiddler

I went to college for English because it was my love and passion. I had no idea English is one of the worst majors to invest in until I graduated and the recession started. I spent my first few years in retail questioning how I got stuck in minimum wage jobs despite my degree. This year I decided to make the best of it by working hard as a cashier at Home Depot. I was helping a customer check out one day and he said he needed smart people like me to help build his roofing and technology businesses. I could hardly believe it wasn’t a dream until my day ended and I remembered the card he gave me. I contacted him before he could forget me and was rewarded with a job as blogger and assistant. I still can’t believe my luck.

I’m excited about the people I work with and what I do. I work with Carly, a really smart graphic-designing wizard. I also work with Mark, the brains of this operation. My first day on the job was interesting and fun. I learned how to get roofing and building permits and saw the inner workings behind the curtain of their warehouse of roofing products. I also observed some of his siding projects and added ideas to his website under construction. My story doesn’t end here, though. I’m on the front lines of the roofing business. You’ll have to check this and our website,, because both are changing as quickly as the roofing business and industries they’re based on. Thanks for reading and come back soon. The view from the roof is priceless.

 a beautiful Jersey City roofing View

a beautiful Jersey City roofing View


Jersey City Roofers and Trust

I am a roofer , I work with Jersey City Roof Repair, we are one of many Jersey City roofers and I want you to trust me. I have been doing this work for over 30 years. I am definitely getting older now but that is not why I am a good roofer. What makes me a good roofer was the time I spent learning the trade when I was young. I read every bit of material that I possibly could when I was younger. I wanted to know what the right way to do the work was. At the time when I started in 1978 the work was harder because we had to build up the waterproofing membrane. We had to fabricate it right on the job. There were times when it felt like we had to fly over the roof because if you walked on the finished work it would squeeze out the hot asphalt or coal tar pitch. We all had to understand the process of making a membrane . It was hard work and I enjoyed it. The men I worked with were not as well educated as I was after going to college but they did certainly teach me the physics of the roof. i do not think it was all common sense that they possessed I think it was true knowledge of textiles, physics, and chemistry.  I guess i was just lucky to have been around back then.

When I work here in this architectural masterpeice they call Jersey City i just cannot understand how repair work can be done so poorly. It is like the trades or at least the roofers serving this city just cannot have respect for the pain and knowledge that went into building this city. Jersey City is truly a beautiful place. I could write ten books just on the cornices and the facades. Some of the nicest buildings are in the poorest neighborhoods. So many people unemployed there mostly looking for trouble but not looking to work with their hands.

I am finding a tough time working with some residents in Jersey City, NJ . I find they have a tough time trusting. Within about a minute I can tell a person will not hire me. I can hear the suspicion in their voice. It shard to be treated that way but I just keep moving on and wondering who are they hiring because the work I see here in jersey City , NJ is a bit on the shabby side and that is really disrespectful to the tradesmen of the past that did the original jobs right.

when a roof is installed poorly

when a roof is installed poorly

Jersey City Roof Repair site hacked.


Apparently we are making quite an impact on the construction scene in Jersey City, NJ . Our site was hacked recently sometime over the past 90 days. We should have checked sooner. We apologize for any inconvenience and we will have a new site back up shortly.


Mark Nejmeh