Jersey City Roofers and Trust

I am a roofer , I work with Jersey City Roof Repair, we are one of many Jersey City roofers and I want you to trust me. I have been doing this work for over 30 years. I am definitely getting older now but that is not why I am a good roofer. What makes me a good roofer was the time I spent learning the trade when I was young. I read every bit of material that I possibly could when I was younger. I wanted to know what the right way to do the work was. At the time when I started in 1978 the work was harder because we had to build up the waterproofing membrane. We had to fabricate it right on the job. There were times when it felt like we had to fly over the roof because if you walked on the finished work it would squeeze out the hot asphalt or coal tar pitch. We all had to understand the process of making a membrane . It was hard work and I enjoyed it. The men I worked with were not as well educated as I was after going to college but they did certainly teach me the physics of the roof. i do not think it was all common sense that they possessed I think it was true knowledge of textiles, physics, and chemistry.  I guess i was just lucky to have been around back then.

When I work here in this architectural masterpeice they call Jersey City i just cannot understand how repair work can be done so poorly. It is like the trades or at least the roofers serving this city just cannot have respect for the pain and knowledge that went into building this city. Jersey City is truly a beautiful place. I could write ten books just on the cornices and the facades. Some of the nicest buildings are in the poorest neighborhoods. So many people unemployed there mostly looking for trouble but not looking to work with their hands.

I am finding a tough time working with some residents in Jersey City, NJ . I find they have a tough time trusting. Within about a minute I can tell a person will not hire me. I can hear the suspicion in their voice. It shard to be treated that way but I just keep moving on and wondering who are they hiring because the work I see here in jersey City , NJ is a bit on the shabby side and that is really disrespectful to the tradesmen of the past that did the original jobs right.

when a roof is installed poorly

when a roof is installed poorly

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