Roofing with a Fiddler

At the end of my work day I was amazed at how this fish ended up out of water. My name is Alyssa. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English. I know nothing about roofing and siding except the roof I live under and the sides that keep it up. How did I end up working for businessman extraordinaire and roofing/siding expert Mark Nejmeh? He’s a a boiling melting pot of ideas who operates out of offices in Neptune and Jersey City, NJ. 

Roofing Industry Seeks Fiddler

I went to college for English because it was my love and passion. I had no idea English is one of the worst majors to invest in until I graduated and the recession started. I spent my first few years in retail questioning how I got stuck in minimum wage jobs despite my degree. This year I decided to make the best of it by working hard as a cashier at Home Depot. I was helping a customer check out one day and he said he needed smart people like me to help build his roofing and technology businesses. I could hardly believe it wasn’t a dream until my day ended and I remembered the card he gave me. I contacted him before he could forget me and was rewarded with a job as blogger and assistant. I still can’t believe my luck.

I’m excited about the people I work with and what I do. I work with Carly, a really smart graphic-designing wizard. I also work with Mark, the brains of this operation. My first day on the job was interesting and fun. I learned how to get roofing and building permits and saw the inner workings behind the curtain of their warehouse of roofing products. I also observed some of his siding projects and added ideas to his website under construction. My story doesn’t end here, though. I’m on the front lines of the roofing business. You’ll have to check this and our website,, because both are changing as quickly as the roofing business and industries they’re based on. Thanks for reading and come back soon. The view from the roof is priceless.

 a beautiful Jersey City roofing View

a beautiful Jersey City roofing View


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